We have removed the quick search facility as we are concerned that such mortgage tools do not always give the best results.

Mortgage lenders make mortgage offers based on the applicant’s personal circumstances, considering factors such as the amount of deposit and your previous credit history.

At least one lender has recently started making it’s best mortgage rates available only to customers able to put down a 25% deposit on the property being purchased.

Your recent credit history may affect the mortgage you will be offered differently with different lenders.

For example, if you have a history of missed payments or have recently made a lot credit applications, this might make the lender worry that you will be a future credit risk and who defaults on repayments.
If this applies to you, you may not be offered the typical mortgage rates they are displaying, making the comparisons unfair.

The ‘typical’ APRs displayed on mortgage charts may be the best you can expect to pay.

But if you can’t fulfil the minimum conditions or your credit history is anything less than perfect the mortgage lender considers could see it as a warning flag and you may not be offered the best rates available.

Of course, some lenders will be more cautious than others.
And other lenders might be more willing to accept credit risks making certain mortgages more suitable for your personal circumstances than other products.

Overall, this means some of the mortgages displayed on mortgage charts might be suitable for you, whilst others might actually cost more than they appear to cost at first glance.

To find a suitable mortgage, or remortgage, speak to an independent mortgage advisor who can talk to you about your circumstances and find you the best mortgage on the market for you.

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